our heart was apart but the pieces still plastered to both of our memory

overly emotional nerd-
easily fall in love w/ stranger-
bear with my existence matter-
i love you, always do-

April 17th
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"You’re all surrounded" -poster shooting
April 17th
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April 14th
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SM and YG dating scandal


So there’s a dating scandal going around with SM and YG and Dispatch gave us some shitty clues

  • It’s a SM female and YG male
  • Blood types are A
  • The female’s first name starts with Soo and the male’s first name starts with Tae

Based on Dispatch’s bad clues, I could pretty much only think of one…

April 14th
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HARUMA MIURA - April 5, 1990. He’ll be 24 this year!image

TAKERU SATO - March 21, 1989. He’ll be 25 this year!image

KAKU KENTO - July 3, 1989. He’ll be 25 this year like Takeru!


SHOHEI MIURA - June 3, 1988. He’ll be 26 this year!image

YUKI FURUKAWA - December 18, 1987. He’ll be 27 this year!

January 7th
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chanyeol teaching you his “epic plan” on how to get out of something you’re supposed to be doing….lol

January 7th
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January 7th
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D-7 Kyungsoo’s birthday

January 7th
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there are two kinds of people 

January 3rd
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Make way for Choom Jimin!

January 3rd
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maknaes dancing to ringa linga