our heart was apart but the pieces still plastered to both of our memory

overly emotional nerd-
easily fall in love w/ stranger-
bear with my existence matter-
i love you, always do hzt-

October 19th
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silly taohun (。 >艸<)
August 24th
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how to make an entrance by kim seokjin.

August 24th
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August 24th
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August 24th
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how to correctly pronounce "die jungs" -

July 19th
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Do you know how proud of you I am? Do you know how much I admire you? This made me cry! You’re so damn perfect you can’t be human! :’( 

July 19th
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July 13th
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TAO ver x INSTA 
July 13th
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It was a big lie if i never said before how i miss kris and TaoRis,

But i know, he was happy now.

Fly high ok?

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July 13th
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I could wait forever and a day. Just to have you look my way